What does gondola display mean?

Gondola shelves for sale are a great choice for retailers looking to outfit their store with a versatile, affordable retail shelving solution. They are free standing and easy to assemble, making them a convenient option for retailers looking to avoid the cost of hiring a professional shop fitter. These units are a popular choice for convenience, pet, grocery, liquor, hardware and sports stores as well as pharmacies.

Gondole shelves are also very flexible and can be used on both the side and top of a wall, giving retailers plenty of options for organizing their products. They can even be combined with other gondolas to create longer runs of shelving. This versatility makes gondola shelves an ideal choice for a variety of retailers, including discount stores and supermarkets that frequently change the layout of their retail space.

Aside from being a great storage solution, gondola shelving gondola shelves for sale from Shop Supplies is also an excellent point of purchase display. Research shows that customers make a subconscious judgement within the first 90 seconds of entering a store, and 62%-90% of those decisions are based on color. For this reason, choosing the right colors for your gondola shelves is critical to attracting and keeping customers.

There are a wide range of color options available for these shelving units, as well as different types and sizes to suit different retailers. Some gondola shelves feature standard pegboard backing, which can be matched to the color of the shelving unit for a consistent look. Others have a more modern slatwall design, which offers retailers a more customizable look. The type of back panel on a gondola shelf can also impact the price of the unit, with more traditional styles offering cheaper prices than slatwall panels.

In addition to traditional new and used gondola shelving, DGS Retail offers a selection of H gondola displays, which are essentially double-sided gondolas that include two retail end caps. Some of these displays have casters, allowing them to be moved around the store selling floor as needed. These are ideal for showcasing special promotions or seasonal merchandise, and they can help retailers maximize their retail selling space.

Whether you are looking for new or used gondola shelving, DGS can find the perfect product for your business at a great price. We offer the best in quality and fast shipping, so contact us today to get started.

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